Why the change of approach?

TCT 3Sixty will offer attendees innovative and interactive 360-degree insights, of how to get the best from their existing additive technology or to provide them with the opportunity for new technology. Whether they're deciding to invest, looking for an upgrade on their current platform or investing for the first time, TCT 3Sixty will be the base for all of this and more.

The focus on real-world applications and realistic outlooks will align with the complete range of technology on the show floor. This will then create an innovative event experience with networking opportunities, practical takeaways and highly focused content for an engaged audience.

For both users and prospective users of the technology the path to return on investment is accelerated and more likely to be optimal and sustainable.

Everything we are going to do at TCT 3Sixty will make the event more exciting, engaging and useful for the prospective visitor, leading to more of them attending for longer and offering exhibitors and sponsors greater commercial opportunities.


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