Exhibitor COVID Guidance

We look forward to welcoming you to the Event.

Your health, safety and comfort have been, and continue to be, a top priority. Alongside our venue, the NEC, we are committed to delivering safe and secure events which support the recovery of the UK manufacturing industry.

We will operate under the guidance set by Public Health England after 19th July 2021 and in line with the industry’s All Secure Standard. All Secure is a comprehensive set of guidelines for exhibitions and events developed by our industry association, the AEO (Association of Event Organisers) which has been approved by UK government.

For enhanced safety and peace of mind and in line with latest government guidance and the Association of Event Organisers, we have added some additional measures, in particular we have taken the decision to verify the COVID status of all event attendees on arrival at the venue (to include visitors, exhibitors, contractors, venue and organiser staff) and we ask everyone planning to attend to adhere to our COVID Commitment outlined here.


All attendees will need to demonstrate proof of COVID-19 status for entry to the event. This will need to be one of the following:

  • Proof of completion of a full course of vaccination. The date of your second vaccination must be two weeks before your arrival date at the event.
  • Proof of a Negative Lateral Flow Test result, taken within 48hrs of arrival.
  • Proof of natural immunity shown by a positive PCR test result for COVID-19, lasting for 180 days from the date of the positive test and following completion of the self-isolation period.

For further details on how to prove your COVID-19 status please click here.

If your proof is a negative lateral flow test and you are onsite for multiple days, this will need to be retaken and reported again every 48 hrs. We recommend if this applies to you that you bring additional tests with you when you travel. Visitors with a medical exemption should advise a member of staff during the checking process.


We have made the decision to implement COVID-19 status checks, even though this is not currently mandated within government guidelines, as the evidence suggests that this is the best way for us to reduce the risk of transmission within the event itself. Putting these checks in place adds an additional layer of reassurance for all attendees once they are inside the event.

The risk of COVID-19 transmission will never fully be eliminated and so the advice below should be considered when planning your exhibit.

Mask wearing: We are a mask friendly event.
While face masks will no longer be mandatory, we encourage visitors, exhibitors and staff to take personal responsibility and to wear a face covering in any situation which is crowded or while in close proximity to other people.

We do however recognise that there are circumstances preventing people from wearing a face covering and, being mindful and respectful of this, staff will not challenge or ask for evidence from visitors who advise that they cannot wear a face covering or who make the personal choice not to. We hope that all will be equally respectful.


Awareness & communication

  • You or your staff should not attend the event if you are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Brief your team about all the control measures that will be implemented by us, yourselves and the venue.
  • The Event website, social media and emails will supply you with up-to-date information regarding guidelines in place at the show.
  • Please pay careful attention to all communications sent out from the Event team regarding the registration process as procedures may change and adapt to prevailing conditions.
  • Please check your government advice for guidance on travelling overseas before entering the country.
  • Consider conducting your pre-show onsite stand briefing in advance or online.
  • To reduce queues on show days we have implemented a reduced contact registration system. To support this:
    • Visitors should pre-register and print all visitor badges prior to arrival as there will be limited opportunity to do this onsite.
    • Exhibitors should also pre-register staff, but exhibitor badges should be picked up onsite at show registration from 2pm on Monday 27th September. There will be contactless ticket collection points as well as manned desks.

Build up

  • We will be carrying out COVID-19 status checks throughout the build-up and break down. Consider arriving earlier to allow additional time for these checks to take place.
  • Having these checks in place will allow you to consider your own protocols with regards to further mitigation measures which you should set once you have carried out your Risk Assessment. You can include the fact that COVID-19 status checks will be in place as part of your mitigation measures.
  • Please consider reducing the complexity of your stand build. This will help reduce staff numbers, the amount of time required to build and should save you money!
  • Ensure to plan accordingly so that your contractors finish constructing your stand before your team unpack and display your products.
  • Detailed information related to build up is available in the exhibitor manual.

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

  • All Exhibitors are required to submit a Covid-19 Risk Assessment. Please be aware that helpful information and a blank Risk Assessment Form will be sent to you via email, w/c 9th August and the deadline for this will be 27th August.
  • It is now compulsory that you/your contractor consider transmission of COVID-19 as a new risk and the control measures that will be implemented to minimise this risk. You can include the position that we are checking COVID-19 status as part of your mitigation measures.
  • All relevant Health & Safety/RA documentation and Covid Risk Assessment template can be found via the Exhibitor Manual from w/c 9th August
  • A Sample Covid Risk Assessment will also be available via the manual, you are welcome to use this as a guide.
  • Please note - this will be in addition to the Open Period Risk Assessment form

Exhibitor Manual

The exhibitor manual is now live! Log in details have been sent out via email. If you are having trouble logging in please email tctops@rapidnews.com

Stand design

As an exhibitor it is your responsibility to create a safe and secure environment on your stand throughout the duration of the show.

  • Consider the layout and design of your stand to ensure you can undertake construction and visitor interaction in a safe and controlled manner.
  • Consider all the stand design measures you can use to reduce transmission:
  • New innovative ways of displaying your product that will increase floorspace.
  • Consider how you conduct demonstrations so that you can safely manage your audience.
  • Order furniture that can be cleaned easily
  • Ventilation of spaces is highlighted as a key focus within the government guidance. Please avoid building small enclosed spaces for people to meet and work unless adequately ventilated.


Cleaning & personal hygiene

  • Please carry your own hand sanitiser. There will be hand sanitising stations available on-site in high traffic areas.
  • Please provide hand sanitiser on your stand, for your staff/visitors. Encourage its use when anyone enters and leaves your stand space. 
  • Please implement regular cleaning of all spaces on your stand, ensuring a deeper clean before, during and after the show opens each day. Pay particular attention to high traffic touchpoints such as meeting rooms, info desks, displays and handrails. 
  • A cleaning log positioned in a prominent location on your stand may be a useful way to capture and demonstrate the cleaning regime you have put in place.
  • Along with the NEC, we are conducting a thorough, enhanced cleaning regime of all features and public areas prior to show opening and during show open periods.

Code of Conduct

  • When walking around the event, we ask you to please remember that as we come back together some people will be more comfortable in the environment than others. As a result:
  • Please give people space when you are walking past them.
  • Check before initiating personal contact (consider elbow bumps rather than handshakes or hugs).
  • Rather than exchanging business cards we encourage you to use data capture devices to ensure contact free sharing of business details – this could be in the form of a QR code for visitors to scan.
  • As the industry builds itself back, remember different pressures people may be facing, please be kind to each other.
  • Please do not offer shared bowls of snacks/treats even when individually wrapped.
  • For the increased comfort of your buyers, consider arranging meetings in advance at less busy times.

Event and venue facilities

  • At the NEC no cash will be taken at catering outlets and cloakrooms so all customers will need to have contactless payment methods available.
  • For stand catering and hospitality please liaise directly with the venue for options and ordering.
  • Cloakrooms at the NEC will be in operation.
  • Please visit the venue website to view their specific COVID-19 measures.



  • We will be carrying out COVID-19 status checks throughout the build-up and break down. Consider arriving earlier to allow additional time for these checks to take place.
  • Please consider staff numbers and the amount of time required to break down your stand.
  • Ensure you plan accordingly so that your contractors begin dismantling your stand once your team have finished packing away your products. Detailed information related to breakdown is available in the exhibitor manual.

Track & Trace
We are confident the measures that we and the venue will be putting in place will make our event as safe as possible. Please ensure you give accurate information throughout the registration process. The relevant local authorities will contact you if there’s a need to update you regarding track and trace.

Last updated 26/8/2021


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