TCT 3Sixty is made for three distinct groups:

  • Evaluation
  • Adoption

  • Optimisation

This group is at the very start of the buying chain. You are at the evaluation stage of whether additive manufacturing technology is something that their business could adopt.

This group is those that have determined that they do have a requirement for the technology. Your challenge now is to evaluate the market and choose the right technology to invest in.

The third group already owns equipment but are underutilising it and need to learn how best to increase usage. You may be looking to buy additional machines or new technologies to increase adoption across their enterprise.


As well as having top suppliers from across the industry showing their latest solutions on the show floor, we have developed the conference programme with you in mind.

The conference programme has been broken down to suit the stage of your cycle, whether you’re in the consideration, adoption or optimisation stage – but don’t feel restricted to only one!

It just means the CPD-certified presentations and panel sessions will be uniquely tailored to you, with over 80 speakers ranging from end-users, renowned consultants and educational institutes.



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